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Image by Bernard Hermant

We are committed to designing bespoke interiors, custom furniture, fun wall art, engaging graphics and consistent brand identities for our amazing clients.

To us every project (big or small) is a new opportunity to create beautiful, functional and well designed spaces, products or experiences and to work alongside our clients to transform their ideas into reality. 

We constantly collaborate with talented architects, designers, artists and skilled professionals to deliver our designs (after all, they do say it takes a village).



About BOXI

BOXI was created in 2017 by Antonia Fosberry, an Architect with a passion for graphics. What started out as a small Instagram account (@boxi.dxb) to showcase Antonia's graphic prints soon became a platform to connect with like minded designers and creatives all across Dubai and the UAE. 

Over the years the business gradually grew to include custom wall art design, graphic design and interior design services (and more).. 


Through multiple collaborative projects with talented designers and creatives, BOXI is on its way to becoming a multidisciplinary design studio with projects across the UAE and abroad.

In February 2021 BOXI Creative was established to house all the creative endeavors we embarked on in the past four years and the exciting projects we plan to take on in the future.

Meet the FOUNDER

Antonia Fosberry is a Dubai-based Architect and Designer and is the creative force behind BOXI. 

She holds a bachelors degree in Architecture from the American University of Sharjah, which reflects her analytical and technical side which she often combines with her innate love of all things creative to create bespoke designs, spaces and experiences. 

Antonia is meticulous and very detail oriented and ensures every project is delivered with care and quality. She loves to work with clients who share her love of design because this is where the magic can happen!



We are a growing team of designers which means we are always hands on and in the middle of the action. 

We may be small but we aim BIG, we are constantly collaborating with other talented designers and work alongside skilled professionals to deliver a wide range bespoke projects.

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