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Home Chic:
Working From Home in Style
(Summer 2021)

Working from home can be messy and unorganized, especially when the home office is being used by many family members and also serves as the occasional storage space for old momentos, pictures, books and more.

This is why our client R. contacted us to transform her home office into a chic space for everyone to use and enjoy. 

The brief was to create a chic and elegant home office and we proposed  to keep the space in neutral tones with accents of brass and gold to give it an elevated look and feel. We started by removing all previous furniture which had a classic look and did not match the fresh outcome we wanted to create, and then installed new flooring to hide the dated floor tiles. Next it was time for a fresh coat of paint and new drapery to lighten up the room.

When it came to furniture and accessories selection we selected quality timeless pieces that can last for many years including a large wood and leather desk, a cosy armchair and a console unit to store books and files. We also styled the walls with a custom gallery wall to highlight key family memories and a set of shelves for books and travel memorabilia. 

Finally we added a few accessories and vases to finish the look. 

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